Homeowners have high expectations for builders to provide exceptional post-closing support. When they have questions about workmanship flaws, appliance issues, and structural defects—which can occur well after settling into a new home—it could mean endless calls and an ever-growing list of things to address before your customers are satisfied.

Unfortunately, this is where most builders fall short of expectations.

“Managing post-closing experiences is a challenge for home builders,” says Kevin Miller, senior vice president, New Home Division, at 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. “Homeowners have higher service expectations that can be difficult for builders to manage without the right tools and processes.”

2-10’s research shows that new homes have an average of 10 post-closing items of concern, ranging from malfunctioning appliances to construction defects.

How can builders minimize the challenges of post-closing expectations while maximizing positive customer experiences? Follow these steps to streamline the process and earn loyal customers and positive reviews along the way.

  1. Establish clear and always-open communication channels. Provide multiple avenues for homeowners to reach out through phone, email, and a dedicated 24/7 online platform. Promptly respond to inquiries and keep clients up to date on request status and next steps.
  2. Document thoroughly. Facilitate comprehensive documentation sharing throughout the post-closing phase. Enable homeowners to share photos, location, and supporting documentation with each service request. Ensure all warranties and maintenance guidelines are organized and readily accessible to clients. A well-documented package instills confidence and resolves post-occupancy issues more quickly.
  3. Provide post-closing support. Help clients acclimate to their new environment and address any concerns that may arise. Establish a scalable platform for handling warranty claims and service requests, demonstrating your commitment to customer care beyond the closing date.
  4. Use technology to facilitate processes. Leverage technology to streamline post-closing procedures, enhance efficiency, and save valuable resources. Use digital platforms to manage documents, schedule appointments, and track post-closing issues with 24/7 accessibility. Automated reminders and notifications help ensure that no task falls through the cracks.
  5. Incorporate learning through review. Use a system of tracking and reporting related to defect trending, operational statistics, and task aging to encourage improvements. These insights can be instrumental in getting the most out of suppliers, contractors, and internal operations, enabling long-term and continuous improvements in homeowner satisfaction.

2-10 NewHome Care is a recently introduced platform specifically designed to help builders address post-closing needs quickly and efficiently. Features include:

  1. 2-10 Smart Claim Intake that automates coverage determinations based on a builder’s preferred workflow.
  2. Customizable reporting capabilities that process homeowner requests to fit a builder’s unique needs.
  3. Mobile-friendly, tailorable dashboards that tell everyone who’s doing what, where, and when, reducing concerns about quality repairs.

One in five new homes in the U.S. is enrolled in the 2-10 New Home Warranty Program, and over 1 million service requests have been handled. Click here to learn more about this program.