Urban development in a smart and sustainable way is becoming more and more important to ensure a foundation for ongoing population growth.

Despite being responsible for the generation of 80% of wealth worldwide, cities are facing big global challenges: economic, demographic, social and environmental. It is vitally important our cities are able to meet and overcome them; by some estimates, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, meaning that sustainable, livable world cities are essential for a prosperous future. So which cities are currently getting it right, and which ones are lagging behind?

The smart cities who are getting it right, aren't just technologically adavnced, according to IESE. Their measurement process looks at 77 indicators that include 10 dimensions of urban life: the economy, technology, human capital, social cohesion, international outreach, the environment, mobility and transportation, urban planning, public management and governance.

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