Similar to many US markets, China is looking for ways to provide affordable housing for Millennials in urban areas. An innovative architect firm provided the design for this stylish design that makes affordability a priority.

Developed by zhang hao’ao from shanghai huadu architecture and planning design (HDD), the ‘transformable smart home’ is just one step towards a huge renovation of the current housing conditions in china. the project is completed for a young designer whose recently start up his own 3D printing company; from that perspective, the studio hopes to create more of those living spaces for the millennials who cannot afford the over-priced real estate scene.

Given how the young generation appreciates the industrial quality of china, HDD has repurposed container boxes into four stacked living units that serve as an office, home and party venue. ‘because of the transformable characteristic of container boxes, we could arrange them in different ways. in the future, one can even create container buildings like LEGO. this is a new way of living and working; spaces could change with different programs.

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