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In a new partnership with prefab manufacturer LivingHomes, Yves Béhar is launching a line of customizable, prefab homes designed to alleviate urban housing shortages and take advantage of California’s encouragement of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), reports Curbed's Liz Stinson.

Béhar unveiled his vision in a series of renderings that show a sleek, customizable house with large windows and light wood paneling. He planned the YB1, as it’s called, as a housing system where elements like the roofline, layout, interior finishes, and size can all be customized. The model dwelling comes with Flos lighting and a Béhar-designed Samsung TV, naturally.

The first of the series is 650 square feet, but the homes can range from an ultra-tiny 250 square feet to a more spacious 1,200 square feet. The first version of the YB1 costs around $280,000, taking one month to build and one day to install on site. Eventually Béhar wants to get the price down to $100,000.

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