With inevitable rising sea levels, Estonian prefab company Kodasema has designed the Koda Light Float, a modern house that’s part building and part boat. Fast Company’s Jesus Diaz says the business worked with Top Marine, a marina expert, to create plans for the design, which can be closely compared to a docked floating pontoon. See more details on the project below.

At roughly 277 square feet, the Light Float is essentially a large studio, with a living area, sleeping area, and a separate bathroom. It also features a large terrace so you can spend most of your time outside in the spring and summer, and a simple, large window that faces the water itself. Buyers can choose customizations, like whether they want timber or zinc cladding.

So, who will buy this 10-ton floating home? Kodasema says that it could be the ideal “harbour café, artists’ studio, summer retreat or a fisherman’s dream.” But I see it as a chic, post-apocalyptic lair. It’s only missing a turret for heavy weaponry and solar panels for electricity, the lack of which, now that I’m thinking about it, is a serious drawback.

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