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When Japan-based clients asked Snark Architects and OUVI to design their affordable home outside of Tokyo, they also requested for a space dedicated to raising their cacti and succulents. The architects responded with a home that from one angle looks like a typical home covered in wood planks and from the other is a greenhouse clad completely with glass. The two-story greenhouse side opens to a porch and is the perfect home for people who love gardening all year.

The popularity of indoor gardening has been attributed by some to changing socioeconomic trends: The Independent‘s Kashmira Gander ties it to how expensive it has become to have kids these days, writing that “[my roommate’s and my own] plants seem to be filling a space in our lives that would have in generations past been taken up by the stomping feet and sticky fingers of children.” Gander argues that since people her age are living in a state of suspended childhood thanks to job insecurity and rising real estate prices, they don’t have a chance to have children and, instead, they give their love to plants.

The House in Nakuachi is used by plants and kids alike, according to Dezeen. Still, it’s a dream home for anyone who loves plants, millennial or not, and all the cacti, aloe plants, and bonsai currently dying in their tiny one-bedroom apartments.

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