Adobe Stock/Evgenia Tiplyashina

The farmhouse trend is hot.

Miró Rivera Architects recently designed a sprawling 5,100-square-foot farmhouse in the Texas Hill Country. The home is partially off-the-grid and is built with environmental sustainability in mind, says Curbed's Liz Stinson

Solar panels generate 61 percent of the home’s energy, while a rainwater collection system supplies all water needs, and a geothermal system manages heating and cooling. According to the architects, the project was completed under a modest budget with a construction cost of under $150 per square foot.

Because the house is in Texas’ flood plane, the architects raised it ever so slightly on a pier and beam foundation so the water can flow under and away from the home during powerful storms. It’s the first prototype in what the owners and architects hope will turn into a community of off-grid homes in the region.

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