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Decorating a small space can be difficult. With limited floor or wall space, it is hard to instill much personality or character. Plus, there is limited room for any large, bulky elements. While many designers will choose not to take on a job with small spaces, like tiny apartments, Architectural Digest shares several stealable ideas from such small spaces that can be applied in any home.

Get Rid of Upper Kitchen Cabinets
By ditching upper kitchen cabinets, the whole room will feel bigger. You can always store overflow in a hutch in the next room over.

Paint Bookshelves Anything but White
Paint built-in bookshelves a warm gray to help them recede visually. This way, they won't seem like such a bulky space-hogger.

Streamline Your Finishes
This could mean opting for an all stainless-steel kitchen, rather than stainless appliances mixed in with wood cabinets, or even wood floors painted the same color as the walls.

If Possible, Build in Furniture
Built-in furniture can be the difference between a cramped small space and a thoughtful, pleasant one. Bookshelves, sofas, desks, shelves, and even radiator covers are worth considering.

Get Rid of Lower Stair Railings
Does the staircase really need a railing down by the ground floor? Nixing it might just be the thing to open up the room.

Glass and Acrylic Furniture Are Basically Invisible
Okay, so not exactly, but glass and acrylic furniture is definitely a good idea in a small space because it all but blends into the walls.

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