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At Serenbe, a 1,000-acre intentional community outside Atlanta, Ga., residents can enjoy a close-knit community and idyllic natural setting with access to the upscale amenities that usually exclusive to cities.

Community founder Steve Nygren developed the community to be a town of its own, CityLab’s Mimi Kirk reports, featuring 350 homes in a mixture of styles -- bungalows sit next to colonial-style homes, townhouses mingle with single-family homes. Each of Serenbe’s three neighborhoods includes a downtown area with retailers like a bakery, salon, and dog grooming salon. Kirk writes:

For inspiration, Nygren drew on New Urbanist tenets of design that emphasize walkability, public green spaces, and mixed use development. He was particularly keen on emulating older European villages—small towns, he said, where multiple generations lived close together and had more of a connection to nature and each other, creating the conditions for a balanced and fulfilling life.

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