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Spacedge Designs interior designer William Chan has an answer to our ever-dwindling space for housing--the Wonder Box. The art-gallery-inspired multi functional box houses parts of the home, including the TV console, the bomb shelter, the air-conditioner ledge, two bathrooms, the kitchen and storage space for the owners, in the core of an apartment, writes Evangeline Leong.

"The idea of placing everything inside a box is wonderful! It's like Doraemon's pocket. You can find anything you want!," says interior designer William Chan. To build the nine-meter-long, 2.4-meter-wide, and 1.9-meter-high box, Chan had the original walls for the three bedrooms hacked open. Sliding panels clad in glossy laminate make up the body of the box. Lights were added below it to visually lift the Wonder Box above the ground, creating a sense of lightness and making it look like it's floating. When the TV is not in use, it can be simply concealed by closing one of the doors of the box.

Instead of conventional doors, Chan swapped them for screens on a single track for an open-concept layout. Regardless of the part of the house they are in, the owners can decide how they would like to use each space, how much privacy they would need, and the brightness of the rooms. This bedroom doubles as a study. Here, a customised bookshelf separates the sleeping area from the study area. While the side that faces the study holds books and collectibles, the opposite side of the bookshelf is actually a bedhead.

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