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A domed home designed to withstand a hurricane is on the market in Sullivan's Island, S.C., for $5 million, reports Liz Stinson for Curbed.

The home, called "Eye of the Storm," was built in 1991 after the previous owners’ home was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Their new house, a white mound crafted from 600 tons of reinforced concrete, is designed specifically to withstand hurricanes. “The idea is that this home is aerodynamic, kind of like a race car, and can manage its way through the wind,” Michael Royal, the home’s listing agent and grandson of the original owners, told Realtor. “There’s no roof and no corners.”

Its unusual shape indeed makes the home more resilient to high winds and torrential rains (the round design is also preferred by storm-resistant prefab house builder Deltec), but it’s good for more than just pure functionality. The inside of the 4,000-square-foot house echoes the exterior shape with rounded walls and a curved staircase that leads to a loft. Its arched fireplace is flanked by windows that look out onto the ocean.

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