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House Beautiful’s recent Whole Home Project in Atlanta goes beyond just its looks; it encourages a happy, healthy life for its inhabitants. The dedicated design team built the home from the ground up with a kitchen that inspires healthy eating and a no-excuse fitness studio that is located front and center. In addition to those features, HB’s Kathryn O’Shea-Evans highlights other areas of the home that could potentially help homeowners live longer and happier lives.

Let There Be (Lots and Lots of) Light
Builder Michael Ladisic believes in the life-changing power of natural daylight—because he's living it. "I built my house to be flooded with light, and it has totally transformed my family's mental state," he says. Here, light is maximized with clever window placements, such as a dramatic two-story expanse at the stairwell—a traditional spin on the modernist walls of Philip Johnson's Glass House—and with the ingenious lighting system Noon, which tunes in to your home's rhythms and can dim and brighten bulbs based on lighting habits.

A Help-You-Be-Healthy Kitchen
Year-round on-demand fresh herbs? No, it's not a new start-up, but the idea behind an in-kitchen grow room designer Matthew Quinn devised for this healthy kitchen. Clipping micro-greens is almost as fun as letting the American Standard touch faucet precision-measure three cups of water for a batch of farro. Over at the Signature Kitchen Suite range, the built-in sous vide preps healthy proteins and more, locking in nutrients. Foods come out so tender and flavorful, it's practically a party trick.

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