Award Winning Outdoor Spaces

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These outdoor living spaces won the BUILDER's Choice and Watermark Awards over the past five years. 

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With the warm weather months kicking off, homeowners are ready to enjoy spending just as much time outside of the house as they do in it—if not more. 

Over the past five years, BUILDER and CUSTOM HOME have recognized projects that feature seamless indoor/outdoor layouts and versatile outdoor living designs as part of the BUILDER's Choice and Watermark Awards. Luxurious exterior courtyards, stylish outdoor elements, and modern pool houses create the perfect backyard oasis in these public and private design projects. 

In the 2013 New American Home, spacious interior rooms and exterior patios connected by glass doors make it hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. And one community got a serious outdoor living upgrade at Somerset Pool House, where the project team transformed the public pool building from a dank and rundown structure to an open and inviting gathering spot.

By year, here are the 2010-2014 grand and merit winners for outdoor living space. 


Tifereth Israel Synagogue 
2013 New American Home 
Aucoot Cove Outdoor Shower 


Somerset Pool House
MiMA Roof Terrace Commons 


Hobson Remodel 
Story Pool House 


Hardy Porch/Pool Addition 


Riverside Barbecue Pavilion 
Rappahannock Bend Summer House 
Spanish Oaks Spa Bath