Affordable housing and labor are two hot topics in many metros right now. This nonprofit is trying to solve for both by providing affordable homes from unused shipping containers and providing work options to renovate them and make them livable.

Satcher’s ultimate mission is to find ways to improve the condition of low-income communities that could be expanded easily and boost employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. It’s just, as she looked into the possibility over a period of two or three years, turning the 320-square-foot and 640-square-foot containers into homes increasingly seemed to her to be the perfect solution. “Shipping containers just happen to my tool of choice,” she says.

The containers, she says, are inexpensive to buy–$3,000 tops. And she’ll keep costs down further by reusing, instead of rebuilding them. Plus, the venture will create construction jobs, stimulate the local economy and encourage entrepreneurship. She’s also talking about using the pods to house temporary pop-up health clinics in low-income areas.

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