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Replacing or updating hardware is a simple and effective way homeowners can update the look of a room with out breaking the bank. Hardware can set the tone for the rest of a room and can have a big impact on other design choices made during a project. Nostalgic Warehouse highlights several top hardware styles that are in high demand and likely to have staying power.

Art Deco
Dating back to the 1920’s, Art Deco is perfect for contemporary homes. This design genre is notable for a bold opulence that is elegant, functional and modern. Favoring geometric shapes, Art Deco motifs often feature vertical lines, angular details, and polished finishes.

Known affectionately as “boho” style, this in-demand look is all about bold colors and patterns and isn’t afraid to mix them together. This eclectic style creates a vintage feel that is cozy and inviting. The opposite of modern minimalism, a Bohemian space has lots of “stuff ” and no design rules. When it comes to hardware, pair different styles and materials to create a custom look.

French Country Farmhouse
Everyone loves the rustic, Old World look of French Country Farmhouse design. Its comfortable-yet-chic vibe is achieved through natural materials and textures, elegant silhouettes, and warm, welcoming colors.

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