The David Weekley Homes model at Jubilee in Hockley, Texas.
David Weekley Homes Courtesy of Johnson Development Corp. The David Weekley Homes model at Jubilee in Hockley, Texas.

Johnson Development Corp. has created a joyful haven equipped with circadian lighting and Emergency Flash features for Hockley, Texas, residents. Jubilee, a 1,620-acre residential community, was designed with a focus on holistic well-being and includes four pillars—connection, exploration, reflection, and inspiration.

“We want to raise the bar for how a community can better the lives of the individuals that live in it,” says June Tang, general manager and vice president of Jubilee. “Every aspect of this new community is being intentionally designed to promote positivity, allowing residents to decompress from the everyday grind and connect with nature and each other.”

The goal of opening Texas’ first wellness community also prompted a unique collaboration with Jasco, a lighting and connected home leader, to establish a standard circadian rhythm lighting package for all homes regardless of builder.

Jubilee has eight builders now selling in the community including Coventry Homes, Highland Homes, David Weekley Homes, Newmark Homes, Chesmar Homes, Tri Pointe Homes, Westin Homes, and Perry Homes.

Feel the Light

All Jubilee homes will be equipped with high-quality JascoPro Series smart LED lights and intuitive Wi-Fi switches. These feature-rich products extensively benefit well-being, comfort, and simplicity for everyday life.

As a winner of a 2024 Best of IBS Award for Best Indoor Product at the NAHB International Builders’ Show, the collection has risen as an industry leader. JascoPro Series Wi-Fi products also integrate with the platform to advance home automation and security choices.

“We eagerly look forward to showcasing our revolutionary lighting solutions in these cutting-edge homes and experiencing all the unique amenities Jubilee offers. Health and wellness is the next evolution in smart homes, and this community is the prime example of what’s possible,” says Joshua Roberson, national director of sales for Jasco.

Built by David Weekley Homes, the model home at Jubilee features ample natural and synthetic lighting.
David Weekley Homes Courtesy of Johnson Development Corp. Built by David Weekley Homes, the model home at Jubilee features ample natural and synthetic lighting.

The standard lighting package for Jubilee includes all light switches and light bulbs in three rooms — presumably the primary bedroom, kitchen, and family room — to be circadian rhythm lighting. Through the JascoPro Series app, SmartCycle lighting automatically adjusts color temperature and brightness to emulate natural light indoors. This technology enhances well-being and supports a proper circadian rhythm by fostering alertness during the day and restfulness at night, Jasco notes.

Built into the app is a patent-pending Emergency Flash feature that can serve as a beacon to improve response time when help is needed. When activated, the connected light blinks in a distinct pattern to provide visual guidance to first responders.

Additionally, push notifications alert loved ones and caretakers when Emergency Flash is activated. With the feature included as a community standard, neighbors will also recognize the distress signal as a need for assistance.

The Full Package

In addition to the partnership with Jasco, Jubilee will include several enhanced wellness features as standard in every home.

“Advances over the past few years have given builders better tools when it comes to air quality, water quality and more,” says Jubilee director of marketing Haley Peck. “Given that we spend a significant portion of our lives indoors, we are excited to offer these health-minded options as standard features in every Jubilee home.”

Air and water quality features include a fresh-air intake, a MERV 13-rated whole-home, four-inch media filter, and a reverse-osmosis filtration system. Comfort features that will be standard in Jubilee homes are a home automation panel; smart thermostats; a smart front door lock; a video doorbell; window pre-wiring for blackout shades in at least one room; and security pre-wiring for one security panel for all doors and all operable first-floor windows.

Johnson Development Corp.

Rounding Out Its Commitment

Jubilee is considered the first Texas community to become an early adopter of the WELL for Residential program by the International WELL Building Institute that is designed to transform the way homes are designed, built, and maintained to support human health and well-being. Each home in Jubilee is being constructed to meet WELL for Residential standards.

“This new WELL for Residential program adds another layer to the holistic wellness vision we have set for Jubilee,” says Tang. “It can help give residents further peace of mind in their choice to live in Jubilee.”

Throughout the community, Jubilee has Wellness Zones to cater to specific purposes for residents. Peck says, "Residents have easy access to whatever they might need at the moment, whether it be connecting with others, spending time in nature, or finding a quiet spot for introspection."

Connection zones will foster organic gathering can community-planned events while exploration zones will go beyond traditional parks offering barefoot zones for grounding and spaces for ecotherapy. Reflection zones will provide quiet retreats and inspiration zones will be lively, interactive playscapes designed to invigorate children’s imaginative play.

The wellness concepts will eventually extend to signature amenities including the Joy Hub recreation complex, where phase one includes a pool, event lawn, working lounge, and splash pad. Future development includes 30 acres of parks and 270 acres of green space and waterways, robust walking trails, community gardens, a dog park, sports courts, and more.

“Bringing Jubilee to the Houston market represents a significant milestone for Johnson Development. This project isn't just about building homes; it's about creating a blueprint for future living that emphasizes health and wellness,” Peck shares. “By integrating innovative health features directly into the fabric of Jubilee, we're setting a new standard that we hope will inspire a ripple effect throughout the entire Houston real estate market.”