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ARCHITECT's Katharine Keane shares a look at OJT (Office of Jonathan Tate), a new New Orleans–based practice that often proposes reconceptualizing empty and irregularly shaped lots for residential and commercial redevelopment in The Big Easy.

A single-family structure in New Orleans—which was selected as a 2018 AIA Housing Award winner—was the first test site for OJT’s Starter Home thesis. The house was built on a site occupied by an existing house to accommodate three generations of a family. Fit together like puzzle pieces, the two buildings share outdoor space but allow for private circulation.

Firm name: OJT (Office of Jonathan Tate)
Location: New Orleans
Year founded: 2011
Firm leadership: Jonathan Tate
Education: B.Arch., Auburn University Rural Studio; M.Des., Harvard Graduate School of Design
Experience: Mockbee/Coker then Buildingstudio
Firm size: Six to eight

Revel in complexity to make something concise and artful.

First commission:
We had a peculiar start with a multifamily housing project in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans. Due to a series of extenuating circumstances, the project was built halfway, and then torn down. Twice. There is a parking lot on the site now.

Favorite project:
As with children, you love them all, but differently. That said, the projects that stick around our consciousnesses are those that successfully embrace a myriad of concerns and resulted in clear, assertive solutions. We’ve tended to hit the mark with our housing in New Orleans. Something about the neighborhood context there enables and highlights newness while connecting to a historic lineage.

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