Long Island City, N.Y. Paul Hakimata

According to The New York Times, a new 11-story, 182-unit condo building under construction for Adam America in Long Island City, is mixing three distinct styles of architecture to form what will be known as, Galerie. One side of the building skews industrial complete with factory-style windows, one side is brick, while the top will be clad in a glass curtain wall. “Long Island City almost has a desperate craving for a sense of community and character,” said Eran Chen, ODA’s founder and executive director.

The south-facing opening in the H will become a grassy courtyard, with ground-floor amenities, including an indoor pool, looking out onto the green space. Paris Forino, the interior designer for the project, is adding drama to this level with muscular arches in warm white oak.

Long Island City, which offers an easy commute to Midtown Manhattan on public transportation and which will soon become home to an Amazon headquarters, has been evolving as a residential community. Many buildings that went up after a 2001 rezoning were high-rise rentals. Now condominium projects are being added to the residential mix.

Galerie is luring out-of-towners, too. Buyers from New Jersey are making “a strong showing,” according to Mr. Aguayo, who had a 3D-printed map of the area made for the sales gallery to help outsiders get to know the neighborhood.

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