Akihiro Yoshida

ARCHITECT's Ayda Ayoubi reports that Japanese studio Nendo has designed a 3.7-volt emergency portable battery for Tokyo-based construction hardware manufacturer Sugita Ace.

Integrated with USB and MicroUSB ports, Denqul is designed to supply power for smartphones and small portable devices in time of disasters. According to Nendo, "[the battery is] developed to be charged at home and grabbed in case of an emergency, rather than to be carried all the time." However, that is not the only way to charge the battery.

According to Nendo's instructions, in case of an emergency or an unexpected power outage, the battery stick can be pulled out to extend its length, and then bend down by 90 degrees to form a "L" shape. Users can then swung the stick around by one hand to generate power with centrifugal force. Denqul comes with a lithium-ion battery that is positioned on its tip for maximizing the centrifugal force and a plug-in charging dock that can also directly charge a smartphone and at the same time function as a pencil holder. Available in white, blue, and gray, with a matte finish. [Nendo]

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