According to the Houston Chronicle, the popular "modern farmhouse" style comes with 10% higher costs. The style has been popularized by HGTV's "Fixer Upper" TV show starting Chip and Joanna Gaines. The good news is the style also adds more than 10% value to homes that are for sale. The data comes from Zillow, which says that the farm look is the home design most people will pay a premium to have — approximately $25,000 for the average American house.

“Some design trends look great in a photograph, but don’t reflect the way most Americans live,” Zillow lifestyle expert Amanda Pendleton said in a prepared statement. “The modern farmhouse trend seems to be enduring because of its livability.”

While formal finishes and Federal-style red-brick homes with elaborate moldings have had their fair share in the spotlight, farmhouse-inspired design features a more welcoming, less formal atmosphere.

“It has a more casual, rustic aesthetic that is meant to be lived in,” Pendleton said. Nothing is precious and the more wear and patina, the better, which makes it so appealing to buyers with children or pets.”

Other features that contributed to homes selling for more than expected include waterfall countertops, Moroccan tile, Craftsman and exposed brick.

Keep in mind, however, that while it’s a beloved architectural look, studies haven’t shown a promised that you’ll see your money back for creating the changes. So if you’re in a Victorian-style property, you might want to hold-off on the overhaul.

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