Collaboration paves the path for innovation and in this case, brings the country's first ever solar powered city online. Not only does the city offer innovation, it offers attainable housing, homes for less than $200,000.

In a state nicknamed after sunshine, Floridians—and loads of tourists—bank on the sun for many things: warmth, Vitamin D, the perfect weather for lazy-day beach lounging. And in the new community of Babcock Ranch, 50,000 residents will rely on it for 100-percent of their power.

Located about 30 minutes northeast of Fort Myers, in an area once (and still partially) ruled by gators and swamps, Babcock Ranch is a new model of planned community that puts preservation at the top of the priority list. When the community, which just welcomed its first residents in January, is complete, it will produce more power than it consumes thanks to a cadre of 323,000 solar panels.

In addition to self-producing its electricity, the town is wired to cut down on power use. Babcock Ranch’s 19,500 residential lots are situated around a town center with all the community amenities you’d need (including a school, farm-to-table restaurants, and a community garden). Shared bikes and electric cars make it easy to get around. And for public transport? Babcock Ranch will be home to the country’s first network of self-driving electric shuttles.

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