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Interior and exterior door manufacturer Masonite announced its predictions for the top home design trends of 2019. The trends were based on proprietary research from a trend forecasting agency and include both interior and exterior trends. The company said it likes to project macro trends to see how its products can integrate into future designs. Here are the six trends identified by Masonite for 2019.

In the U.S., over 3.4 million Americans work from home at least half of the time, which begs the need for transitional spaces that accommodate multiple modes of function. Achieve the live/work look with industrial accents and modern paneled doors to create a fresh, modern feel.

Rustic Luxury
Rustic luxury is a new approach to modern luxury that favors experiences over material possessions. The trend focuses on time, space, silence, and eco-sensibility as ways to disconnect from our busy lives.

Nordic Noir
The Scandinavian mantra of less is more, is here to stay. Nordic Noir keeps its minimalist roots and favors well-made elements that are beautiful in their simplicity. Perfect for contemporary homes, the look comes to life with muted colors of blue-grey and pale rose contrasted with dark metal and wood work.

Urban Country
Urban Country applies the best practices of lifestyle and design from rural living to urban spaces. This trend preserves the unique characteristics of the home and utilizes well-crafted, handmade pieces that hold meaning. Accentuate the home's original detailing with a Craftsman-style front door that uses sidelites for natural lighting.

Pretty + Calm
Female buying power continues to rise with 1 in 5 homeowners being a single woman. Spaces are being redesigned to fit the modern woman who often appreciates both contemporary and traditional design. Biophilic elements mixed with pale-hued colors, luxurious touches and textured glass doors are all key features for Pretty + Calm.

Mediterranean Escape
International travel has surged in recent years, and travelers want to bring a piece of their travels home with them. Homeowners are looking to add intricate details reflective of different cultures. Such global sophistication can be captured in wrought iron accents, lush green landscaping, warm colors and arched maple doorways.

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