Work-station sinks, also known as chef sinks, are gaining popularity in residential kitchens, according to kitchen designers. Unlike ordinary sinks, the chef sink includes a traditional under-mount sink with accessories that aid in meal prep, such as cutting boards, knife holders, ingredient holders, and colanders. The sink type isn’t necessarily new, but pricing and selection for the product has improved, making it more readily available in the industry. Check out more details below.

It also typically includes accessories for easier cleanup, like drain boards, drying mats and sponge holders. These accessories usually slide across the single or double basin on built-in sink ledges, or secure to the side of the sink. Many of the accessories are dishwasher safe, as well, which further shortens kitchen cleanup chores.

Costs are going to vary widely by features, size and brand. For example, the recently-released Franke Chef Center from the Swiss manufacturer starts at $1,885 on Ferguson’s website; there is a larger XL model, as well. Germany-based Blanco makes a suite of work station accessories for its Quatrus collection, with its Small Single Bowl R15 model priced at $421 (plus separately priced accessories) on and ideal for compact city kitchens at just 22 inches wide. There are numerous larger Quatrus sinks as well.

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