Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock
Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock

The kitchen work triangle is the shape formed when the kitchen's main three work areas—the fridge, stove, and sink—are connected. Considering the relationship between these three elements can help breed better efficiency, flow, and functionality in a kitchen. spoke with several designers to understand the dynamic of the three kitchen elements and how the efficiency of a kitchen can be maximized by considering the kitchen work triangle.

In addition to considering the placement of your main work stations, it’s also important to take into account the location of other features in order to assure good flow and functionality.

For example, while the kitchen island serves as a multitasking component offering a prep surface and a spot for guests to gather, it's also one of the biggest obstacles in creating the work triangle, notes Aaron Lytal of 3D Home Designs.

But there is a way that islands and work triangles can happily co-exist. If the island is jutting into your work triangle, you can move the island, make it smaller, or add a curve rather than a corner, says Lytal.

The designers who spoke with said that within the basic triangle structure—which can vary tremendously based on each individual space—there are plenty of options to maximize individual kitchen appeal and practicality.

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