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All-white and farmhouse-style kitchens have been popular for several years now, but designers are starting to see styles evolve. According to Forbes contributor Amanda Lauren, elements that were once “must-haves” have become “no mores,” including open kitchens, matte black hardware, upper cabinetry, faux finishes, herringbone backsplashes, among others. Check out her list of 12 kitchen design trends going away in 2023 below.

Open Kitchens
Open floor plans and particularly open kitchens are controversial topics in the design world right now. While it’s a practical choice for some, many homeowners have grown tired of this design choice in a post-pandemic world. Lori Levine Harris’ clients have been asking to close up their kitchen walls. “Especially for families, people no longer want to see dirty dishes and boxes of cereal while they eat dinner or entertain. We have clients with open floor plans who are building walls to separate their kitchens from their dining rooms. This more traditional style is coming back with the kitchen, dining room, and sitting room all compartmentalized. It allows you to curate a unique space.”

Matte Black Hardware
While matte black hardware was everywhere in 2022, expect to see less of it in 2023. “We have the flippers to thank for this one. Matte black hardware never really appealed to me but I do understand that for some they appreciate matte black’s minimalist nature and darker tones when opting for a more handsome look,” says interior designer Sara Weichel of Swike.

So what’s a good alternative? Weichel recommends considering oil-rubbed bronze for a more updated look. She also predicts we will see more polished nickel and chrome in the coming year.

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