Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock
Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock

Trends receive a lot of attention in the home design realm during the course of the year, but they receive more coverage as the year winds down. Communities Digital News has reviewed several trends that emerged in 2018 and their possibility to become design staples, adding freshness and elegance to any future time period. Do you agree with their assessments?

Quartz Countertops
A kitchen improvement that never goes out of style is the timelessness of quartz countertops. Quartz is a long-running, still popular kitchen trend because of its three main virtues: its high resistance to heat and stains, its durability, and its easy maintenance.

Induction Cooking
This evolving kitchen trend is a growing attraction in kitchen design. Modern induction ranges and cooktops are fast, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. From a practicality standpoint, induction cooking generates little actual heat. This lowers considerable the danger of fires and second degree burns.

Single-Level Islands
This evolving kitchen trend can work for any household. Simple, single-level kitchen islands permit light to stream over the island and associated kitchen spaces.

LED Lighting
LEDs were once restricted to dial and clock lighting. Today's all-new LED lighting choices provide astonishingly flexible lighting choices. Despite its still relatively high initial cost compared to incandescent lighting, LED is a winner. LED lights give out a more efficient and long-lasting brightness than halogen lights.

Integrated Appliances
Popular kitchen trends this year also include integrated, built-in appliances. Incorporating elements of fine furniture into their design, such appliances can add stylish cabinet designs to any remodel. Such appliances serve as statement pieces of any kitchen, giving it a striking, unique appearance that's sure to impress.

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