The tried-and-true hub of the home is back in focus for 2024 with homeowners more willing to invest larger amounts of money in kitchen remodels and undergo substantial structural work.

The 2024 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study reveals that 42% of homeowners upgrade their kitchen because they “can no longer stand the style of the old kitchen.”

Other reasons prompting upgrades are finally having the means (36%) and the old kitchen deteriorated or broke down (35%), followed by personalizing a recently purchased home (28%). The top five features upgraded are countertops at 91%, backsplashes at 86%, cabinets at 85%, faucets at 83%, and light fixtures at 79%, according to the study.

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So, with these upgrades in mind, a host of features packing functionality and tech are on trend for 2024. These include:

1. Transitional Style Stays
As the most popular choice three years in a row, transitional remains as the top pick for kitchen style. The style is followed by modern at 12%, contemporary at 11%, traditional at 11%, and farmhouse at 9%. Traditional and farmhouse both declined two points year over year. While transitional remains on trend, there’s no surprise that white cabinets are top choice at 46%, followed by wood tones at 25%. For two-tone kitchens, white reigns supreme for uppers (52%) and wood on bottom at 28%. White countertops also lead with 43%, which marks the highest preference for white since 2020.

2. Airy and Open
Following a time where homeowners were looking for separation during the pandemic, openness returns with nearly two-thirds (64%) removing any wall separation and 25% choosing double doors, a row of doors, or a wide opening to the outdoors. A pass-through window is emerging as a trend at 18%. The reasons behind the open-concept kitchen are improving functionality (64%), enhancing entertainment capability (54%), and aesthetics (47%).

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3. Layout Revamp
In addition to knocking down walls, homeowners are changing the layout (43%) and upgrading systems (43%). One in seven are modifying the kitchen ceiling height, and 5% are restructuring flooring. These changes are largely to gain square footage with 37% doing so and over half of upgraded kitchens reaching 200 square feet or more. Additional reasons for changing the function are for aging household members’ future and current needs at 36% and 27%, respectively. Elements to add function and safety include pullout cabinets (58%), extra lighting (54%), wide drawer pulls (48%), non-slip flooring (37%), and rounded countertops (34%).

4. Stretched Islands
More than 2 in 4 homeowners chose islands that are 7 feet or longer. The preference has increased by 10 percentage points since 2020. Islands less than 6 feet long are declining in popularity, losing 5 points since 2023. Within the island, drawers (80%) and cabinets with doors (79%) are the two most common features. Rectangular and square islands remain top pick at 80%.

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5. Techy Appliances
With 54% preferring to replace all appliances during a renovation, homeowners are reaching for ones with high-tech features (44%), and nearly 30% are choosing appliances with Wi-Fi connectivity. An increase of 5 percentage points from 2023, 29% opted for models with smartphone or tablet control, and there’s higher interest in touch screens, smart home connectivity, and built-in apps and cameras.

6. Backsplash Refresh
With most homeowners (86%) replacing the backsplash during a renovation—a share up 2 percentage points from last year—62% extend it to the cabinets or range hood, but 10% are covering the entire wall up to the ceiling. Material trends include ceramic or porcelain tile at 54% and engineered quartz at 11%. Trending natural stone for 2024 includes marble (9%), quartzite (6%), and granite (4%).

With major changes on trend, the median spending in which all cabinets and appliances are replaced grew 22% in 2024, increasing from $45,000 in 2022 to $55,000 in mid-2023. The median cost for remodels of small and large kitchens has increased by 35% and 32%, respectively.