Most people alive today would not necessarily know who Jackie Gleason was, but they might know Ralph Kramden. They are one and the same. And the former's Westchester County retreat has hit the market, as the New York Post reports.

Jackie Gleason used it as an escape while filming “The Honeymooners’’ — and now awaaaay it goes on the housing market.

The comedy legend’s iconic Round House, an architectural feat in Westchester County where everything inside and out is circular, is part of an estate being listed for $12 million.

Gleason — a UFO lover famous for telling his TV wife, “To the moon, Alice!” — would refer to his quirky Cortlandt Manor home as “The Mothership’’ because it looked like a spaceship.

The sanctuary-on-stilts is a far cry from the Chauncey Street dump where Brooklyn bus driver Ralph Kramden resided.

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