A D.R. Horton Emerald series home, built on an owner's lot on the west coast of Florida, is a beachcomber's dream. The News-Press reports:

The new three-story home on Fort Myers Beach is as beachy on the inside as the views from the outside. The home is on the canal across the street from the beach giving water views in both directions from the top floor. The Emerald series home by D.R. Horton is aimed at people wanting a sun, surf and sand vacation.

"We asked D.R. Horton what kind of look they wanted,” said Lene Hill, licensed interior designer with Lenny’s furniture. “It is by the beach so we are thinking that the people that will buy this will use it as a rental or a second home. They wanted to bring that beach look into it.”

So Hill and designer Ruth Little gave every room that vacation beach look. Prints of sea fans, real sea fans, watercolors of boats, wooden oars and prints of shells hang on the walls. One guest room has the word beach on driftwood. Another guest room has wooden fish above the bed. Two end lamps in the loft have stands decorated with boat rope. Sculptures of boats and driftwood are found around the house.

"The people up north love it,” Hill said. “It’s a nice vacation home. If some of our northerners fly down for the weekend, this is what they want. They want to be on vacation. They want to feel like it also.”

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