Sherwin-Williams has introduced its 2024 Colormix Forecast: Anthology: Volume One, a new biennial approach to the annual color trend report.

Looking ahead to next year, the very first Anthology collection of 48 hues explores the directional shifts of four chromatic families, blues and greens, reds and purples, deeps and darks, and delicate tints.

“Through the launch of Anthology, we are thrilled to diversify our yearly color forecasting report to show the depth behind each color trend for the coming year,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “In releasing a new volume of the Anthology collection every other year, we hope to bring new color insight to the distinct chromatic families that our designers, industry pros, and savvy DIYers have come to know and love.”

Billiard Green SW 0016
Courtesy Sherwin-Williams Billiard Green SW 0016

Palette No. 1: Blues and Greens
From light to bright, this palette revolves around a global color story that harmoniously blends across a range of organic gray-blues to bluish-greens. The natural influences create a calming, yet invigorating, flow from soft to dark tones.

Sashay Sand SW 6051
Courtesy Sherwin-Williams Sashay Sand SW 6051

Palette No. 2: Reds and Purples
This palette ranges from warm red tones to soft and cheerful pinks and purples. Balanced by natural earthy pigments, maintaining popularity from 2023, the palette offers muted and expressive hues to uplift any space.

Gale Force SW 7605
Courtesy Sherwin-Williams Gale Force SW 7605

Palette No. 3: Deeps and Darks
For a daring and powerful atmosphere, utilize this range of dark and dramatic hues as contrast with colored light or metallic accents. While the deeply saturated dark tones will invite mystery, they also create a restful retreat.

Snowbound SW 7004, Sealskin SW 7675
Courtesy Sherwin-Williams Snowbound SW 7004, Sealskin SW 7675

Palette No. 4: Delicate Tints
This palette of hushed and airy hues is a minimalist’s delight. The soft tints, balanced by warm and cool undertones, create a serene sophistication.