Blue has been a popular color worldwide for several years, with several official and unofficial studies finding it to be the most popular color in the world. In the home design sphere, the color also is a popular one. This past year, Behr named Blueprint its color of the year, while various shades of blue took up four o the 12 spots on Valspar's list of trending colors, according to The website spoke to several interior designers to get a sense of how to use the "world's most popular color" in several different rooms in the house.

In the Living Room: Deep Blues
Neutral no more! Sure, we've been told to paint our living spaces in inoffensive taupes and grays, and to save bold colors for less trafficked areas. But if you're feeling adventurous, toss out that advice and slather living room walls in a deep shade of blue. Paired with light-colored accents, artwork, and furniture, dark blue can make everything stand out handsomely.

In the Bedroom: Soft or Dusty Blues
It probably comes as no surprise that your bedroom is the ideal place to incorporate some restful blues. But while a deep blue can make you feel wrapped up in warm velvet, you may not want to go too dark.

"The bedroom is a sanctuary, so I would stick to the softer and soothing blues," Lauren Visco, interior designer at DesignBridge in Chicago says.

In the Hallway, Offices, Dining, or Multipurpose Rooms: Grounded Blues
Just like in the bedroom, a darker blue won't really work here, Visco cautions. "A moody rich color will make people stop and acknowledge it, potentially disrupting the overall feel of a workspace or dining room."

In the Powder Room: Deep, Rich Blues
Darker blue shares are ideal for hallway powder rooms, Janet Lorusso, principal designer and owner of JRL Interiors in Boston says.

"In a bathroom, like a master or guest bath, I prefer lighter colors and ample lighting, for the practical necessity of seeing clearly and accurately in those spaces," she says. But in a powder room, "dark blues can be very dramatic."

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