Bold patterns and geometric shapes are trending in home design. But these patterns run the risk of being too busy if not executed correctly.'s Jennifer Geddes offers a few tips for using geometric patterns in home decor.

1. Balance pattern and color
Too much of any one pattern or color can be garish and jarring. To avoid this, balance the scale of the design with the color, Toombs recommends. That means that if the colors are striking, be sure the size of the pattern isn't huge—and vice versa.

2. Use geometric wallpaper to make a small space pop
Geometric-patterned wallpaper can breathe new life into a space, adding a dynamic look to an otherwise drab corner of your home. The simplest [geometrics] use two-dimensional shapes to provide the illusion of 3-D. But these patterns can get overwhelming in large rooms; instead, use wallpaper on an accent wall, in a pocket home bar, breakfast nook, hallway, or other area of transition.

3. Take tile to the next level
Whether you go for actual tile or the peel-and-stick version, geometrics pop nicely on a backsplash in an otherwise staid white kitchen. This repetitive pattern also brings calm to the this space, which can sometimes be chaotic. Use diamond and hexagon patterns on a backsplash or bathroom floor.

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