Courtesy Dunn-Edwards Corp.

Dunn-Edwards Corp. named Skipping Stones, a serene and steely blue with hints of green and gray, as its 2024 Color of the Year.

The regenerative shade is said to emulate the meditative, yet energizing, feeling of the sea and capture a collective yearning to slow down and achieve balance and tranquility in the year to come.

“Skipping Stones feels like a daydream and can add a sense of mystery and thoughtfulness to any space,” says DeMing Carpenter, color expert at Dunn-Edwards. “It’s part of the resurgence of blue and represents a shift away from the bold, warm-toned colors we’ve seen gain popularity over the past few years. This blue is timeless and versatile, fresh, and serene.”

Courtesy Dunn-Edwards Corp.

Skipping Stones is represented in the brand's New Dawn color palette within the 2024 Color + Design Trends, which is made up of ethereal pastels, misted mid-tones with grounded earth shades, and colors that feel like glimmering sunlight.

To extend the color beyond paint, Dunn-Edwards is partnering with San Diego artist Sarah Stieber to incorporate Skipping Stones into custom earrings.

“As a painter, interior designer, muralist, and jewelry designer, I share Dunn-Edwards' eye for color! Our mutual obsession for art and design made collaborating on this project a full-body yes,” states Stieber. “These earrings celebrate Skipping Stones and symbolize the magic of using your hands to bring color into this world.”

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