Front entrance of the old craftsman style home.

Spring is a good time to refresh the design at your model homes. Here are some simple design tips to transition spaces to lighter, brighter areas for the spring selling season. We also have six tips for spring selling season to maximize your sales during the warmer months. Read more about those here.


1. Use lots of mirrors. Mirrors are a wonderful way to both bounce light as well as bring it in, especially in areas that may not receive a lot of natural sunlight.

2. Use bright colors that can mimic sunshine. In the warmer months, think of using warmer colors as well. This is the perfect time to infuse colors such as yellow, red and orange.


3. Be afraid to use metallic accents and décor elements. Silver and brass remain two of the hot finishes right now and are the perfect way to bring elements that are bright and light into your home.

To see the rest of the Do's and Dont's, follow the link below.

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