The metallics trends is exploding in home design, says Remodeling's Marisa Mendez. Silver, bronze, and gold in all kinds of finishes are making an appearance in decor. Here's everything designers need to know about the trend that's here to stay:

One thing that all the experts interviewed said is that metals and metallic finishes are long-lasting elements in design.

“I don’t know if I would call metal a ‘trend,’” says Kathy Kuo, founder and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home. “It’s played an important role in interiors since medieval times, making huge resurgences in the 1920s and also all throughout the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. I think the main difference today is that people are using metal very intentionally and a bit more subtly than in the past. It’s no longer regarded as too showy or ostentatious.”

David Podwyszynski, operations manager of RangeCraft, agrees. Specifically in kitchens, he says that homeowners are getting tired of normal designs. They are looking for something that will pop in their space and provide an accent, which metallic finishes can do.

One reason that metallics is an everlasting design element is the variety of applications for metals and metallic finishes. According to Blanken, more tile companies are including metallic finishes in their mosaic lines. Lighting fixtures, hardware, and home accents are all places where homeowners are introducing the finish into their homes.

“From a design point of view, metal brings texture and tone, and often has a reflective nature that opens up [the] space,” Kuo adds. “And from a client point of view, metallic accents can feel beautiful, royal, or daring to include in the home—so there’s this feel-good attitude about metallic pieces that make them so popular.”

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