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Cities across the country are investing heavily in innovation in data acquisition, technology and even in leadership. In some places that investment is paying back big. This article from US News and World Report shares the results some of the most ambitious cities are experiencing.

A GROWING NUMBER OF cities around the world are embracing innovation – new technologies, data analysis and measurement of outcomes – to improve the lives of their citizens, deliver services more efficiently and find answers to daunting problems like climate change and workforce automation, according to a new study and online map released Monday.

The joint study from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and Bloomberg Philanthropies also found that urban innovation, from easing housing ordinances to attacking homelessness, can't thrive without strong civic leadership and quality data sets to guide goals and decision-making.

The report and interactive map show "how cities are innovating, the policy areas where they are applying these approaches, and the types of roles funded within City Hall that are dedicated to innovation," says Andrea Coleman, leader of the Government and Innovation desk at Bloomberg Philanthropies. "It also establishes a common language and a clear baseline to measure progress in cities."

Meanwhile, Bloomberg Philanthropies also announced that cities can apply for a nine-month innovation intensive program to help them adapt ideas and technology to scale and engage residents.

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