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Glass can lend itself to numerous interior and exterior design elements. It can be used in contemporary features like sliding and interior doors or can be utilized in modern design with elements like glass flooring and ceilings. Glass doors can help maximize natural light and provide uninterrupted views, while floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors can help blend the indoors and out. Livingetc compiled a list of 16 trending design ideas which incorporate glass. Here are a few of Livingetc's glass design suggestions:

INTERNAL DOOR: An oversized glazed internal door works hard for both the compact corridor and living space. Its large glass centre means both areas feel more spacious and less enclosed.

WORK OF ART: Many design-conscious types have been reluctant to embrace stained glass, deeming it too old-fashioned
for a contemporary look. However, change is afoot. After all, there’s something mesmerizing about the richly colored streams of light produced when sunlight strikes stained glass. It’s not just for windows and doors either – you can use it for dividing walls too.

DIVIDE AND RULE: Forget open plan. The current buzz is all about broken-plan living, which works in much the same way as its predecessor, drawing light into dark rooms and increasing a sense of flow and connectivity. However, unlike open-plan, broken-plan employs structural elements, such as internal glass walls or windows, to create both a visual and physical separation without the room losing its independence.

CRITTALL STYLE: Vintage-style glass doesn’t have to be rooted to period properties – cleverly mixed into a contemporary setting, it can have an equally stunning impact. The painted wood gives a Crittall-style look to Edwardian doors and can separate two areas while retaining a sense of unity without compromising on the light.

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