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There is a growing trend to incorporate more natural elements into today’s homes. From hardwood on floors to stone around fireplaces, designers say the materials can be necessary to warm up certain areas. Michele Lerner, for the Washington Post, spoke with a few local designers to find out more about the trend. Check out her list of tips on how to add more natural elements to your projects below.

Tips for bringing natural elements indoors

  • A powder room is a good place to experiment with an accent wall of natural stone or shiplap on the walls or ceiling, to see whether you like the look. It’s a smaller space, and yet one that guests always see.
  • If you’re doing a partial renovation in the kitchen or a bathroom, that can be a good time to introduce natural stone or wood.
  • If you’re not renovating, you can bring in natural elements with rustic accent pieces or a rustic reclaimed wood table.
  • Bring in nature through fabrics and wallpaper that include trees, plants or look like wood, even if you don’t see any outside your window.
  • Choose one or more floating wood shelves to soften rooms with a lot of hard surfaces.
  • Experiment with mirrors that have wood frames — either rustic or polished, depending on your taste and your home’s style.
  • If you plan to use wood or stone in one space, it’s best to have it trickle in from a porch to the interior of your home, or to flow through the house in some way.
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