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As the calendar winds down towards the end of the year, the word "trend" is thrown around a lot more in the home renovation sector. Many try and predict what will trend in the coming year based on what they are seeing in the market currently. While not a self-defined "trendy guy," HGTV star Scott McGillivray shared his predictions for the top home renovation trends for 2019 with HTGV online. Do you agree with his predictions?

Warm Paint Colors
There's a definite trend towards warmer and spicier colors in 2019. I know I've been referred to as the king of grey. But, I can see myself using a color like "Ginger scent" for an area such as an accent wall.

Matte Appliances
Matte appliances are a hot trend of the moment. I've seen them come in colors such as black, white, gold, and dark blue. I really like how they lend a luxurious look to the kitchen, and how they look great when pared with neutral colored cabinets. While these matte finishes are great, of-the-moment looks, I expect they'll look dated in a few years down the road.

Quartz Counters in Warm Colors
Countertops that look like marble will always be in demand because they're classic, but the tide is slowly turning. We are seeing a trend where quartz counters in warm neutrals are in high demand.

Light Wood Floors
Along with the light and airy trend comes a desire for lighter floors. Dark walnut and cherry finishes are out, and lighter, blonder woods are in. Similar to kitchen counters, I think the trend will be towards warmer colors rather than cooler colors.

Hands-Free Technology — Everywhere
This may seem like old news to the early adopters, but more and more people are starting to embrace hands-free and SMART technology. This means anything in a home that can be commanded with a voice is going to be super popular.

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