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A well-known Hamptons mansion is getting a facelift to turn it back into what it used to be. Page Six reports (click through for a photo tour:

Grey Gardens — the famed former home of Big and Little Edie Bouvier Beale that was featured in the 1975 documentary — is getting a face-lift after it was bought for $15.5 million in December.

The anonymous buyers exclusively tell Page Six: “We love and respect its history . . . We think of Grey Gardens as almost a museum and are treating the renovation as more of a historical restoration.”

The mystery owners added, “We have instructed the builders to protect and store everything that needs to be removed (including old bricks and moldings) so that we can reuse them. The windows are being replaced with restoration glass . . . in the exact style that they were during the Beales’ ownership, and prior.”

Builders are referencing old photos and studies of homes by Grey Gardens architect Joseph Greenleaf Thorpe.

Kevin Hummel, of John Hummel and Associates Custom Builders, is overseeing the process at the East Hampton property.

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