According to ARCHITECT's Katharine Keane, the promises of Hyperloop systems are seemingly limitless: Record-fast transportation, increased globalization, and environmentally friendly transit, just to name a few.

As more cities around the globe embrace the technology as a next-generation necessity for a 21st century metropolis, architecture firms are following suit. On Wednesday, Amsterdam-based architectural practice UNStudio unveiled a proposal for modular, sustainable Hyperloop hubs at the first-ever HyperSummit held in Utrecht, Netherlands, hosted by Dutch transit company Hardt Hyperloop.

"The Hyperloop is not only a realistic and viable alternative to flying, it is going to revolutionize travel," said UNStudio founder and principal Ben van Berkel, Hon. FAIA, in a press release. "It will provide extremely fast travel times with direct connections between cities, enabling completely new ways of working and spending our leisure time, which in turn will lead to a multitude of economic, environmental, and knowledge exchange benefits."

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