Apple takes design to the next level - attempting to fashion the construction of their campus to the precision of the engineering of their iPhones.

Much of the design talk revolved around the company's intention to come away with a building as meticulously engineered as the iPhone. Onlookers have said the campus will "raise the bar" for construction standards, as every aspect reportedly has been developed with microscopic precision. The project reportedly has created 13,000 construction jobs since it broke ground.

When complete, the new building, which utilizes the largest pieces of curved glass in the world, will be able to hold 12,000 employees, all of whom will have access to a $160 million auditorium, a $70 million wellness center and a 60,000-square-foot cafeteria. The interior of the building, a 30-acre core, will contain 7,000 trees, walking trails and a pond. In addition, the campus will rely on solar power and biofuels for its energy needs and feature a natural ventilation system that does away with the need for mechanical cooling or heating for a majority of the year.

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