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Currently, the combination of dark blue and brass hardware is appearing everywhere in the sphere of interior design. From kitchen cabinets and bathroom faucets to the use of the styles in public spaces like restaurants, the trend steers away from the all-white trend and presents a high-end feel. Vox’s Eliza Brooke says the colors are the convergence of two separate design trends with similar origins. See her description of why the industry is seeing it everywhere below.

The housing market crash of 2008 resulted in a lot of all-white interiors, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, says Jessica Dailey, digital editorial director of the home design magazine Domino. A blank slate of a home is easier to sell than a heavily stylized space, and homeowners decorated accordingly. Renters shied away from making alterations to their spaces for fear of losing their security deposits.

During this period, minimalism boomed across the design world. An entire generation of post-recession startups built their branding around sans serif logos, clean lines, and stripped-down color palettes. But as the economy recovered, so did homeowners’ appetite for bold color and pizzazz.

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