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Each season brings a new wave of home design items and approaches. It is sometimes difficult to determine which trends will have lasting power and which will quickly become outdated. The Vancouver Sun spoke with several interior designers to get a sense of what home decor trends will blow up this fall. Some of the colors and materials that are currently trending are expected to remain in style.

"Blonde wood, pastels, but very dusty pastels," interior designer Kathy Davy aid. "They have a deeper, almost grey undertone, beautiful greens and soft pinks that really transform the space into a more light and airy feeling. It's very Nordic, very Scandinavian."

In addition to darker colors and materials, Davy said designs that incorporate double-duty furniture will respond to the increased movement towards urbanization and people living in smaller spaces. Sofas that double as beds and dining room tables that serve as an office are two examples of furniture that can be used multi-functionally. Designers also told the Vancouver Sun that metallic accents and jewel tones on furniture are also expected to become more popular. Dining chairs, coffee tables and desks featuring brushed or satin brass are examples of such accented furniture.

Read the full article on the Vancouver Sun to see what other trends designers anticipate.

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