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To get design inspiration, many generations look to the past. For a while, many designers were adding mid-century modern accents, such as tapered legs, sleek profiles, and wood, but now rooms are getting a contemporary makeover as well, especially living rooms. reporters Jamie Wiebe and Rachel Stults asked design professionals which vintage living room trends are making a comeback in today’s homes. Check out the following below.

1. Gold: Muted brass has been back for a few years now, but homeowners are ready to take this metallic look to a bold, new level, says designer Katy Brut. This glitzy metal pairs well with dark, dramatic colors. Black is, of course, an excellent choice, but you won't go wrong with deep hunter greens or inky blues.

2. Conversation pits: As much as our parents loved them at the time, these dated-looking conversation pits eventually became "a sure way to lose a sale," Fies says. But what was once a "complete turnoff" is now regaining popularity, Fies says. You can thank our seemingly collective move toward social spaces—the open kitchen, outdoor living rooms, and, now, the conversation pit nestled in a sunken living room.

3. Brutalist design: Brutalism (which originates from the French word for "raw") came about after World War II, when housing and government buildings were composed of raw materials such as concrete and steel. By the 1970s, brutalism had made its way into our homes in the form of industrial metallics and furniture that mimics the rough surface of concrete. But its popularity was short-lived, Riordan says.

4. Wallpaper: Step aside, monotone accent wall—there's a new-again king in town: wallpaper. Scrub your memories of those horrible days spent peeling off glue-on paper; today's choices are easier to install. And they're also more glamorous.

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