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Interior design trends originate in all different parts of the globe. Denmark’s modernist movement inspired America’s midcentury modern style and France did farmhouse and boho chic design before the States.’s Jamie Wiebe highlights five additional décor ideas that are currently trending in other countries in a recent article. Will the below be trending in the U.S. soon?

1. Ukraine: Unprocessed natural textures
We've painted our brick fireplaces white and dip-dyed our wooden chairs, but homeowners are starting to embrace the natural look again. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Ukraine, where designers "respect nature and create interiors to live in collaboration with it," says Ukrainian designer Serghey Makhno.

Sure, Americans have been gradually integrating more natural elements into their homes, but Ukrainians take the trend one step further: Their homes are filled with raw materials and colors like clay and flax.

2. Italy: '70s colors
On this side of the Atlantic, we've got serious nostalgia for the '90s. But in Italy, the '70s are all the rage. At Milan's most recent Salone del Mobile, the international furniture and design fair, Houzz Italy editor Leonora Sartori spotted mango and moss green aplenty.

"These specific colors are quite loved, as they are room-changing colors but still not so strong that you will get sick of them after six months," Sartori says. "They can bring a really nice touch to the room."

To make these shades sing, pair with modern minimalism: clean white lines or simple black-and-white patterns. The combination of retro and contemporary will evoke a luxe vibe.

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