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This year’s HGTV Dream Home is a 3,650-square-foot house in Whitefish, Mont., that is perched on the edge of Glacier National Park with views of the Rocky Mountains and Whitefish Lake. It’s a three-bedroom, 3.5-bath home that showcases a modern lodge design, with a twist. According to deputy editor Rachel Stults the home boasts four “dreamy design elements” and four “head-scratchers.” Check out some of them below.

Dreamy Design Elements

1. The dining room ceiling – What mountain retreat is complete without rustic touches? This house is full of them—from the equestrian-inspired chandelier to the wood and iron bunk beds. But what we're really lusting after is the reclaimed wood ceiling in the dining room, made from lumber from a local historic building.

2. The outdoor breakfast bar – But in the tightest of races, the al fresco breakfast bar takes the (pan)cake for us. And because the bar is underneath a covered area of deck, you can use it when it's raining—or snowing. Fashionable and practical!


1. The vanilla kitchen – In a house with so much personality, why stop at the kitchen? Let's be clear: We don't dislike this look, but it feels bland and sterile—especially compared with the rest of the home. We'd love to see a few more splashes of color here, perhaps a fun backsplash or a painted island. But if the rest of the house has left you craving a neutral space, this is your retreat.

2. Eclectic overload – The HGTV Dream Home no doubt combines more than a few decor schemes. (And we love that!) But eclectic decor can be tricky, sliding easily from coordinated to chaotic. Some rooms in this house have a beautiful balance, while others feel a bit overwhelming. We appreciate the intent, but would like to see it scaled back a notch.

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