There is some truth to the statement that “trim hides all sins,” but of course that’s not trim's only purpose.  Façade detailing can turn a plain-vanilla house into something memorable. It can help a new home fit with the character of an old-growth neighborhood. And as an exterior element, trim can help seal openings from moisture and air. 

Once the material choices were limited to wood and stone, but today there are a plethora of other options, many of which are more durable and weather-proof than what nature made. Wood is still a preferred material for some builders who specialize in historic reproductions. But others are experimenting with substrates such as wood/plastic composites, cellular PVC, vinyl, polyurethane, and aluminum, to fine effect. 

Photos: Courtesy Charter Homes

Small Town Charm

Located just off Main Street in a quaint Pennsylvania Dutch town, this house in the neighborhood of Florin Hill is delightfully old-fashioned, minus the rotting wood and peeling paint. For durability, Charter Homes specified Fypon cellular PVC to create the gable pediment, window headers, porch header, porch brackets, and lamp post. The porch posts and rails are fiberglass by HB&G, and Azek was used for the fascia board and stair risers. But the stair treads themselves--which add richness and warmth--are mahogany.

Location: Mount Joy, Pa. Builder: Charter Homes

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