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When it comes to tiny homes, the future is female, says writer Lisa Prevost. According to the site, the largest and growing market for tiny homes are women seeking a simpler, more affordable way of living in smaller spaces. Currently, about 55% of tiny home owners are women.

Tiny-home enthusiasts tend to be millennials and baby boomers. The younger generation often would rather save some cash by buying a tiny home instead of a much larger abode, and use their leftover funds on things such as traveling. Meanwhile, baby boomers are seeking to downsize and shed costly home-related expenses as they eye retirement, says Ryan Mitchell, managing editor of the Tiny Life.

One reason for the popularity of tiny homes among women can be traced to the continuing disparity between men's and women's incomes. The average price of a budget-friendly tiny home, which is usually 400 square feet or less, is only about $60,000, says Mitchell. Those who build their own can pay just half that.

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