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A Tulsa-based philanthropy, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, is looking to bring new residents to the Oklahoma city. The program, called Tulsa Remote, is offering remote workers from all over the country $10,000 in cash, a housing stipend for a fully-furnished apartment in a building downtown, and a desk at a local co-working space, if they agree to live there for one year.

CityLab's Sarah Holder writes:

Program applicants must be over 18, eligible to work in the United States, and able to move to Tulsa within six months. They have to come from outside Tulsa County, and be doing full-time remote work for a company that’s based elsewhere, or be self-employed. And to get all the cash, they have to stay the full year.

“Folks in the country—maybe particularly on the coasts—in this technologically changing environment can literally live anywhere and do their jobs,” says Ken Levit, GKFF’s executive director. According to Flex Jobs, a remote job-finding site, 3.9 million U.S. employeeswork regular remote jobs at least half of the time—a share of the workforce that grew almost 10 times faster than the rest between 2005 and 2015, and now includes everyone from virtual golf instructors to virtual neurosurgeons. Of everywhere remote workers can work, Levit says, “we’re bullish on Tulsa.”

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